AUS Airport Signage

January 24, 2024

Designed for fun

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Consider the existing signage of the Austin Airport and implement a system enabling users to move quicker to their destination.

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When considering the existing Austin Airport signage, it has thin fonts, small icons, and illegible information. When using airport signage, you need to see two to three signs ahead so you can easily find your way under pressure. The Austin Airport signage fails to do this when talking to end users, so I made it my mission to reconsider how people move through the airport by designing and concepting a new solution to allow for better wayfinding.


  • Use color, iconography and type to create a universal system of wayfinding
  • Add rich information, such as travel or wait time, and ADA information on location of elevators and other resources
  • Consider positioning and location of signage, including implementing super graphics
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