Anna Hiss Furniture Design

April 29, 2024

Department of Design, School of Design and Creative Technologies

Designed for Introduction to 3D Design, UT Austin, Spring 2020

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Create furniture for design students to use at the new Ana Hiss gym space.

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For the new Design building’s furniture and general space, it would be good to focus more on collaboration, and less on isolation. Due to the size of the design department (being around 50 students in the freshman class), we should focus the efforts on making the space more open concept and flexible to use however we deem fit.  An idea to help support this concept would be more spaces and seating to allow for sharing of resources.  As well, for those who do need to work solo or alone, making sure that the furniture is accommodating for all heights, sizes, etc is key. As a person that stands over 6ft in height, I sometimes find it uncomfortable to sit in modern chairs with weak back support, so ensuring that this furniture is comfortable for all is key. Based on my one tour in the Art building, this space needs to ensure that we have adequate space to collaborate with peers comfortably, rather than resorting to “pre-school style” methods of sitting on the floor to collaborate with peers. We also need to consider and implement furniture for the self—working on projects solo and help design spaces with this idea in mind.


1. Open space to work and discuss (maintaining privacy with shields or dividers)

2. Spaces that allow for group meetings (be it with professors, fellow peers, etc)

3. Spaces that allow people to work by themselves if they deem required

4. A space that looks warm and inviting, while also showing the unique nature of the department.

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collaboration with peers: The crescent couch idea; everyone is facing each other and can be paired with other people; eliminates the need to huddle around one screen.

self-time and independent work: The Bed Pod idea. Allows for people to perhaps take a nap between classes and allows for a conformable private work experience.

collaboration with professionals: The Crescent Table idea. Allows for professional/instructors to sit in the middle and guide students through a workshop, etc.


The final renderings embrace the work I've made in courses up to this point and also encompass attention to the public sphere. It's a peaceful place you can come to, get work done, and also learn a little more about my work in the process.

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