Health Routine Intervention

June 30, 2024

Department of Design, School of Design and Creative Technologies

Designed for Design Research and Methods, UT Austin, Spring 2021

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Design a life hack for a daily or weekly health routine.

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I started by working with my participant and creating a journey map of his daily health routine. My participant, Daniel., really valued health throughout his life and integrated it into his daily routine. This started with some probing and investigation into his current routine with a journey map and interview where I got some more information about his health routine.

One realization during the interview was the idea of stress. To move into concepts, I focused on merging his health routines and nudge them in ways to focus on mindfulness throughout the day with two ideas.


  • Create interventions to allow for calm, mindful moments without disrupting the health routine
  • Create an unobtrusive way to develop mindful moments
  • Use design research and interventions to implement small changes

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The research led to two ideations. The first was implementing a podcast about stress management while on his commute to class, and the second was to change his study routine to a 20-10 system, 20 minutes studying, 10 minutes off. Additionally, I asked Daniel to change the music he used to studying through a variety of music choices, like a low-fi station, and video game-curated study tunes.


These interventions led to positive results. Daniel was asked to mark his reactions on a happy to sad scale while completing the tests, and a post-interview was conducted where he filled out a journey map again based on how he felt after the interventions. His level of satisfaction and happiness was greatly improved after completing both of these interventions.

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